Still researching? On the fence? Here’s are some ways that going Tiny can change your life.

Live Every Day

Letting go of financial worries. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the financial freedom of avoiding a 30-year mortgage with high monthly payments.

Quality, not quantity. Focus on creating a beautiful, high quality space rather than on the maximum square footage you can afford.

Efficiency in design. Use space so efficiently, you don’t even notice your home is small. Our Tinys make use of every square inch. For example, many rooms serve double duty: With a few minor changes, a living room can serve as a dining room. A dining room becomes a guest bedroom. The staircase houses cabinets beneath its treads.

An efficient design reveals just what you need, no more, no less.

Being flexible and mobile. Take your home with you if you move. With the average U.S. family moving every 10 years, being on wheels offers you stability and freedom.

Living the lifestyle you want. Create a space that works for you. Our Tiny Cottages are designed for the way we live today, rather than reflecting a home that a commercial builder or social mores tell us we should want.

Focusing on the important. Divest of those things that you don’t need in order to focus on the really important things in your life: your passions, your family, your friends.

Being part of the solution. Live more lightly on the planet. A greener lifestyle satisfies your conscience and provides clarity of intention.

Enjoying the every day. Take back your life by choosing to live green, affordably, and with a smaller footprint. You can now take the time to notice small joys and everyday miracles.

Be Free to Choose Quality

With its tiny size, and subsequent tiny price, a Tiny house helps you afford the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Consider this: The median size for a new home in Oregon is 2,515 sq. ft, built at an average price of $133 per square foot. This house would cost $334,495 — without the use of any premium materials. If you managed to come up with the whopping 20 percent down payment of $66,000 or so, your monthly mortgage would still be about $1,700, not including property taxes or home insurance. Include all that, and you are paying about 20K each year for a house that boasts little more than its size.

Here’s an alternative: Instead of adjusting your expectations and desires downward to accommodate an already-stretched budget, build a Tiny. And then reach for the sky. Skylights? Yes! French door? Yes! Black walnut butcher block counter? Why not?

We’ll help you build the Tiny of your dreams.

Enjoy Energy Efficiency

With a Tiny’s small footprint, your heating and cooling costs are exponentially lowered. You can remain unconcerned when water, electricity, or gas increase in price. In addition, your initial costs are considerably lower. For instance, you’ll have a smaller HVAC system.

Your Tiny’s smaller square footage also allows you to build a more efficient and better-insulated house.

Finally, your Tiny’s materials encompass lower embodied energy. Embodied energy is the total energy it takes to bring a material to its final use – this includes items such as transportation, energy to manufacture, and environmental impacts.

Live Big, Go Tiny