Live light. Lose stress. Slow down. Look around you.

Hi, I’m Todd.

If you measure your life’s worth by its capacity for love, the beauty of nature surrounding you, and your opportunities to bring joy to your family and community, then you may find yourself in a place where we will meet.

I’d like to share with you a story.

I’m an architect. In the late 90’s, I was designing movie theaters for a firm in Portland, Oregon. I thought my purpose there was to create good design that would contribute to the warm experience of friends and families seeing a show together. I found, however, that our client’s real goal was to sell overpriced popcorn. The success of the theater apparently relied not on ticket sales but on concessions. Further, the theaters we designed were mostly built near big box retailers, many in lower to middle class neighborhoods. I came to feel that I was directly contributing to a consumer culture that encouraged the purchase of cheap overseas products and expensive fast food by people who could ill afford them.

I quit that job and began a long journey that culminated in the Oregon Cottage Co., which I started in 2008. During that journey, I explored and embraced green living in all its facets.

If we meet, I hope we can swap stories. You can tell me how you got here – on this page, at this time in your life – and I’ll tell you about the earthen yurt I built, the VW van I lived in for two years, and, of course, my personal philosophy and relationships that have influenced my direction.

And now, life out there is more stressful than ever. We’ve all been through the Great Recession. Observed family and neighbors take on too much debt and even lose their homes. Seen the gilt and glitz of the 1%. We even have a magazine called “Real Simple” because so many of us have forgotten what simple even means.

Here at Oregon Cottage Co., we remember.

So this is what we do.

  • Create an environment that empowers you to dream big, live large, and pursue your passion.
  • Design artful, beautiful and simple spaces that incorporate best practices in green building while focusing on ultimate livability.
  • Take our time to thoughtfully craft high-quality Tiny homes at affordable prices.
  • Use sustainable, renewable, and post consumer products where possible.
  • Build healthy spaces, avoiding glues, paints or other products that contain toxins.
  • Believe that great craftsmanship requires great people. When you meet our team, you’ll see what I mean.
  • Promise you a beautiful tiny home, built on schedule and to spec, on the timeline we agree on.

I hope we meet soon.


Todd Miller in Eugene, OR on Houzz

Live Big, Go Tiny