Ynez Tiny House Floor Plan


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The Ynez is based on the Siskiyou and grew out of a client’s request for a larger loft and custom kitchen layout. We are so glad she came our way with her great ideas! We started with the Siskiyou design, then removed the porch, added a utility room and a deck, and enlarged the loft.

Once we had incorporated a lower pitched loft roof, we knew we were on to something special, and then we had a completely new Cottage design. The dormer loft added head height at the side walls which allowed us to install four operable windows, opening up the loft to air circulation and views.

The bathroom consists of a composting toilet, a 32″ by 32″ shower, recessed lighting, exhaust fan and access to the utility storage. Opposite the kitchen counter are two large storage closets, one to accommodate an oven or microwave above with a washer/dryer combo unit below, the other for clothing, a vacuum cleaner with charging station, and the recessed electrical panel.

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Main floor: 134 sq ft
Upper loft: 59 sq ft
Storage loft: 19 sq ft
Usable total 212 sq ft
House height 13′ 6″
Ceiling height 6′ 7 1/2″
Loft height 3′ 7″

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