Tiny Tea House on it’s way…..

Published February 24th, 2013 in Tiny News | Comments Off on Tiny Tea House on it’s way…..

We Very are busy with our tool belts on building our next Tiny House. A Tiny Tea House based on our Alsek design. We are building it for a client born in Japan and who wanted an authentic Japanese tea room in her Tiny House. We were excited to give her just that ! Of course within the confines of our tiny house footprint. Working closely with her we were able to come to a Tiny House design that she felt comfortable with. Read more…..

This design will include features such as shoji screens for the windows, antique tea serving chests from Japan, a raised floor with built in tatami mats to name a few. We will also have a “Tokobashira”, a centerpiece pole in her tea room. The tree photo in this gallery will the the Tokobashira and is a madrone selected by our client from our Ecology Center.

These photos are the first of a series we will be publishing about her Tiny Home. As you can see we are wrapping up the exterior and will be moving in to finish the interior soon.

Todd Miller

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