The Ynez evolution

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0Nancy has been now living in her Tiny House the “Ynez” for almost 9 months now and telling her story might give a view into the kind of individual living in our tiny homes. – Todd (The Tiny Home builder – since 2008).

I’ve been asked to share a bit of my story, my evolution to tiny living. We could go all the way back to when I was 6 and tried to build a cabin in my closet or when I was 10 and constructed tiny house floor plans and furniture out of copy paper and scotch tape. Or I could start when I was a teen and discovered that I could buy a kit home right from the local lumber yard. I think I’ll start a bit closer to the present.

I am a 50+ single female who moved across the country to be near my grown daughter and son in-law here in California, that was in 2007. Shortly after I arrived I watched my 401k turn into a 101k! So…I invested everything I had left in real-estate, convinced that in a couple years the housing problems would be resolved and I could sell using the profit to find my elusive little cottage. That was “plan A”.

Like many people in recent years I have had to ride the economic roller-coaster. Now, I am onto “plan D”: Living in my tiny cottage and renting out my two properties. I am lucky enough to still be working but over the last year my hours and benefits have taken a hit as well. If I had not been in my Ynez cottage I would have lost my properties. As they say, “timing is everything” and I moved into my tiny house just one month after the cuts. I only wish I had discovered “Tiny Houses” and in particular Todd Miller’s Oregon Cottage Company several years ago!

There were many reasons to “go tiny” with the economic conditions, the cute factor, my family’s “want-to-be” gypsy lifestyle, and the desire to change the way I am living life. If you are reading this I am sure you have read of others who have changed their lives by downsizing (or rightsizing). As I approach the downhill side of life I decided not to put off the things I have always craved. Working less, living closer to nature and family, living in a tiny cottage, having access to a garden and chickens, and being around like-minded people.

As I am trying to be a “glass half full” type of gal, I consider myself pretty fortunate. I have an investment, a job, my health, my family, my pets, a paid off car and a great little cottage located in a beautiful national forest.

Nancy Juraszek

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