Off we go!

Published November 5th, 2012 in Tiny News | Comments Off on Off we go!

sam_0326_editedOregon Cottage Company is feeling a little frisky with excitement about the new Website. We have been working for many months to get it up and running and we appreciate the patience that you have all had. We now realize how difficult it can be and we are glad much of the work is behind us. We are builders and designers first and are getting used to the “Twitter”, “Facebook,” and “Linkedin” thing. We do however have many additional goodies to add to the site such as an upgrade to our plan packages and an easy way to order them. We have been getting requests and learning from feedback what exactly future builders of our Tiny Homes need. We also will be adding a resource page with links to our common suppliers and related topics that we have found invaluable. If there are other requests we would love to hear from all of you.





To launch the new website we are presenting our new and latest design The “Ynez” Tiny Home. We first conceived of this idea after being approached by a client almost two years ago. Partnering with her design we came up with the “Ynez” and started building it in January of this year. We have taken our first design the “Siskiyou” and removed the porch and added a lower pitched upper roof at the sleeping loft which added more headroom and added a utility room off of the bathroom.



We also added cabinets for a washer/dryer, a pocket door for the bathroom and created more headroom in the kitchen by installing 4×4 in lieu of 2×6 Douglas fir beams to support the loft floor.



Having a front covered porch was also a request that we think added to the aft Tiny Home elevation. This included a 5′-0′ wide by 7′-6″ long wood deck. Enough to have a couple of chairs and a table. Also included was 36″ wide stairs leading down to grade.



By adding a bathroom utility room on the tongue we were able to house an electric 20 gallon water tank and have plenty extra room for those items normally found under a bathroom cabinet. We built all of the doors out of the same pine we used on the walls. This provided a light natural color that matches the interior walls.


To see More of the Ynez and take a look at the plans just click “Ynez” under the Cottages Menu.

Todd Miller

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