Life in the Ynez Cottage

Published February 19th, 2013 in Tiny News | Comments Off on Life in the Ynez Cottage

2013-02-02_07-09-36_359Let me introduce myself. My name is Nancy & I am a “tiny houser”. I live full time in the Ynez Cottage. In June of 2012 my cottage arrived at its current location, on a ranch/campground in the Los Padres National Forest, just outside of Santa Barbara, CA.

It all started after finding a tiny house on the internet back in 2010 and I was hooked. Actually, I was obsessed. I couldn’t stop thinking about what life would be like in a tiny cottage. I talked nonstop about tiny houses. I sketched floor plans, I researched appliances, read everything I could find on tiny houses. I even taped out my living room floor with the entire cottage floor plan, placing the furniture pieces I intended on using in the space. Then I lived in the space to see just how it would work. I downsized my belongings drastically. All the while, I saved as much money as possible. Read more…….

The “tiny house movement” was still pretty unknown, at least in the area I was living & finding a builder was a challenge. I happened to locate the Oregon Cottage Company & saw Todd Miller’s website. With a background in architecture, design and green building, I knew he was the one to build my tiny cottage.

I would like to thank Todd Miller for allowing me to use his website to let you know what life is like living full time in a tiny house. And when you are ready, Todd can make your dream cottage a reality!

So…Let’s start out with a little tour.

Location, location, location. This is certainly true when it comes to buying a traditional house but the opportunities are wide open when you have a house on wheels. For me, it’s all about seeing trees & mountains outside of my window. But for others it could be living by the beach or living near family.


Even Tiny Houses have front porches. I love my front porch, it’s just big enough for my small table & chairs. Screen doors are a must in this area because of all the flying critters!

Ahhhh, the smell of pine. I love my pine tongue & groove walls. Some people paint them but to me they are just too beautiful to paint.



Herbivore or carnivore. Either way, you will need space for food storage. This is how I store mine. It is an apothecary chest that has been converted into a pantry.

Recycling is good for the soul. Underneath my sink there is just enough room for recycling, garbage and cleaning supplies. When living “tiny” you learn how to produce less waste.



Time for laundry. Laundry is no problem in my cottage. Although combination washer dryers are very convenient, they do take much more time to cycle.

Space, the final frontier. You must find space for the things you love. I love my parrot & puppy.


I hope this “tiny” tour gave you an idea of how you might live comfortably in your own tiny cottage.

Nancy Juraszek

Live Big, Go Tiny